Receivables Servicing

Cascade365 provides receivables servicing solutions through Cascade Receivables Management. Cascade Receivables Management is a servicing and technology platform that creates and then implements holistic servicing strategies to meet the needs of its healthcare and consumer finance clients.

Benefits of Outsourcing to
Cascade Receivables Management

  • Unlock asset value; increase Immediate and long-term cash flow
  • Reallocate staffing and systems that are focused on asset recovery and vendor oversight
  • Shift risk and responsibility to Cascade Receivables Management
  • Focus on and grow your core business
  • Protect your customers; Cascade Receivables Management is committed to the fair and positive treatment of consumers and patients
  • Retain control of your customer relationships
  • Nationwide network of billing, collection, and law firm vendors
  • Proprietary software and technology solutions to enhance performance and ensure compliance

Greater and Prolonged Cash Flow;
Boost Your Bottom Line

Improving the Customer Experience

Cascade Receivables Management is dedicated to helping its customers resolve past due accounts in a positive, ethical, and lawful manner.  Cascade Receivables Management staff and vendors are trained, tested, incentivized and monitored for compliance and customer satisfaction.

Receivables Servicing with Cascade365

Next Steps

To learn more about Cascade Receivables Management’s servicing offerings or to receive a no-obligation, cost-free valuation of your non-performing accounts receivable, please contact Cascade Receivables Management today.


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