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Cascade Capital is a specialty finance firm that provides immediate financial liquidity to holders of illiquid and non-performing accounts receivable. We provide up-front cash to its clients, either through the purchase of receivables or through asset-backed loans and other investment structures.

Cascade Capital is licensed in the states that include passive asset buyers under the definition of creditor or collection agency.   We acquire or lend against accounts receivable originated and maintained in compliance with state and federal laws.  Upon purchase, Cascade Capital outsources said accounts receivable to Cascade Receivables Management for management.

Accounts Receivable Purchase

Debt sales are an integral part of the recovery cycle.  Applying a proprietary due diligence process built upon big data analytics and decades of experience, Cascade Capital can quickly tailor competitive bids specific to most consumer and patient asset classes, both unsecured and secured.

Accounts Receivable Finance

Specialty finance solutions are offered to clients who are unable to sell their accounts receivable outright.  The influx of immediate cash flow mimics the experience of an asset sale while clients retain absolute and direct control of their accounts receivable.

Benefits of Working with Cascade Capital

Accelerate Cash Flow

One of the greatest benefits to working with Cascade Capital is the conversion of an illiquid asset into immediate revenue, freeing up cash flow to be used for reinvestment and growth in market share.

Protect Your Brand, Reduce Long-Term Liability

Cascade Capital’s stewardship of your customer relationships goes beyond the initial transaction. We protect your brand image through strict adherence to a high level of compliance and oversight. You can rest assured that we will treat your customers with dignity and respect.

Reduce Overhead Costs

Effective management and servicing of accounts receivable can be cost prohibitive. Shift the burden and associated overhead to Cascade Capital.  We drive enhanced yield through proprietary technology and processes, economies of scale, and strategic partnerships.

Experienced Industry-Specific Solutions

Cascade Capital provides creative, timely and competitive specialty finance solutions to both the consumer finance and healthcare industries.

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Next Steps

To learn more about Cascade Capital’s specialty finance offerings or to receive a no-obligation, cost-free valuation of your non-performing accounts receivable, please contact Cascade Capital today.


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