Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

My company has non-performing accounts receivable, charged-off or bad debt. What are its options for at least partially recouping losses?2021-06-04T01:38:32-07:00

If a company has non-performing AR, including charged-off or bad debt, it generally has three options; to work the AR internally, to sell the AR to a debt buyer or outsource it to a third-party collection agency. Cascade365 offers both purchase and servicing solutions.

How is selling debt to a debt buyer different than outsourcing to a collection agency?2021-06-04T01:39:07-07:00

How and when you (the client) gets paid. Sellers get paid up-front, alleviating economic uncertainty and providing immediately available funds for reinvestment in their core business. Companies that outsource collections receive cash flow over time and without any guarantee of success, paying a percentage of the amount collected. Selling debt often comes with stigma and is seen as higher risk. In actuality, the risk profile of selling debt is very similar to that of outsourcing. In either instance, choosing the right partner is imperative. How your customers and patients are treated reflects on your brand and can cause reputational risk or even legal liability.