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Liquidity Solutions

Cascade365 is a family of companies that provide accounts receivable liquidity solutions to the consumer finance and healthcare industries.  Cascade365’s suite of products and services include AR purchase and finance, master servicing and third party collections, and revenue cycle optimization.  The Cascade365 Family of Companies believes in promoting financial accountability while treating consumers and patients in a fair, dignified, and lawful manner.

We look forward to providing you with up-front and/or ongoing cash, interfacing with your customers in a positive and productive manner and acting as your brand ambassador in the communities in which you serve.

Cascade365 family never stops working

Slide The Cascade365 Family of Companies’ greatest feature is its people. We come from all walks of life and possess a cumulative 100+ years of experience in specialty finance, AR purchase, collections, and revenue cycle management. We rally around the Cascade365 Credo and Mission Statement, striving to provide value to our clients while working with customers to resolve outstanding obligations. Meet our leadership team Human Capital Lee Brockett President Director of Operations Michael Merz National Sales Director Jeff Howell Learn More


Answering the Call from Legitimate Companies

STIR/SHAKEN 2020: Answering the Call from Legitimate Companies To protect themselves from fraudulent callers, most consumers simply don’t answer the phone if they aren’t certain who’s calling. It’s a big (and growing) problem for legitimate [...]

5 Key Takeaways from the 2019 FCC Report on Robocalls

We know we’re not alone in the fact that robocalls seem to be an increasing daily annoyance for most of us. In February, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released its first report on illegal robocalls, [...]

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