culture of Compliance
SOC2 Certified Tech Lock Certified

Committed to Compliance

The Cascacade365 Family of Companies maintain a culture and discipline of following the designated laws and regulations.  Laws and requirements pertaining to specialty finance, AR purchase and management are always evolving.  Achieving compliant results is an ongoing challenge and one that we heartily accept.

The Cascade365 Family of Companies operate in compliance with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FDCPA, FCRA, TCPA, and GLBA.  Guided by the Cascade365 Credo, we achieve compliant results through:

  • Actively maintaining Standard Operating Procedures
  • Staying abreast of changes in law via industry and third party notification services
  • Training, testing and monitoring team members
  • Vetting prospective vendors via a rigorous RFI process
  • Auditing active vendors on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Pursuing ongoing education
  • Investing in IT and data security

The Cascade365 Family of Companies further mitigate risk and provide superior customer service through the administration of a proprietary vendor portal.  The portal performs critical business functions while enabling performance and compliance oversight in an efficient, powerful manner.  The investment in technology allows increased throughput and quality in:

  • Complaint tracking and resolution
  • Consumer lawsuit tracking and resolution
  • Maintenance of licenses and other required documents
  • Document Management System
  • Exception reporting
  • Transaction reporting
Receivables management compliance

Next Steps

To learn more about the Cascade365 Family of Companies’ commitment to compliance or to receive a demo of the Cascade365 vendor portal, please contact us today.

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