Kind Systems

Kind Systems is a compliance management platform engineered to improve customer satisfaction and patient-guarantor experience in the context of debt collections.

kind systems

Kind Systems empowers the accounts receivable management industry with solutions to achieve compliant, and kind, results.

Kind System

A preview of the KIND Systems dashboard interface.

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  • SQL Database hosted in-house or in-cloud via Azure

  • All data is encrypted in transit
  • PHI/HIPAA data is encrypted at rest
  • TLS 1.2+
  • HTTP/2 (aka HTTP 2.0)
  • ECC 384-bit (equivalent to RSA 7680-bit) SSL certificate
  • 2FA via Email or SMS
  • IP whitelist
  • Security at the firewall as well as at the OS level
  • Remote IP is logged
  • IDS / IPS Protection via the firewall
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