Kind System

Kind Systems Compliance Management Software

Kind Systems is a compliance management platform engineered to improve customer satisfaction and patient guarantor experience in the context of debt collections.

Consumers want to be heard and serviced in an expedient, meaningful manner. Unheeded complaints and requests for documentation cause needless confusion, downtime and ultimately angst and frustration.

Kind Systems was founded by financial services and software development veterans united in the mission to improve customer experience in a debt collection setting.

Kind Systems empowers the accounts receivable management industry with solutions to achieve compliant, and kind, results.

All of Kind Systems’ solutions are built in a multi-node, hub and spoke fashion allowing streamlined efficiency in upstream and downstream partner and vendor processes.


Complaint Management System

Complaint Management
System (“CMS”):

Robust, multiparty platform for complaint tracking, resolution, analytics, and reporting.

Document Management System

Document Management
System (“DMS”):

High volume, secure, multi-party and efficient document archival, retrieval and delivery soution.

Entity Management System

Entity Management
System (“EMS”):

Monitors, reminds and manages timeline efficiency for license, registration, bond and insurance policy renewals.

Data Security

Kind Systems meets or exceeds current data security requirements.

  • SQL Database may be hosted on premise or on Microsoft Azure
  • Database is encrypted at rest
  • HTTP/2 (aka HTTP/2.0)
  • SSL certificate used for public-facing instance of the CMS
  • Hosted on IIS v10.0 or Tomcat
  • Remote IP is logged
  • Optional, recommended configuration settings:
    • Cipher suites configured to best practices
    • 2FA via Email token (alternatively, can be configured with Google Authenticator)
    • IP whitelist (configured via firewall)
    • Security done via firewall + OS
    • IDS/IPS handled by firewall
    • TLS 1.2 (only) connection to public-facing
    • instance of the CMS
    • ECC certificate over RSA; EV certificate over DV
Data Security