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Accounts Receivable Liquidity Solutions

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Immediate Cash; Boost Your Bottom Line

Want your money up-front & uncertainty taken away?
We can relieve your burden of bad debt today!

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Greater and Prolonged Cash Flow;
Boost Your Bottom Line

Not ready or can’t sell your bad debt?
We can help you recoup some of your losses!

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Cascade365 Credo

 Respect and Compassion

Respect and Compassion

Tell us your story. We will listen and
do our best to structure a solution
that reflects your financial reality
and true ability to pay.



Consumers and patients should
pay their debts and fulfill
contractual obligations.



We’re in this together. Consumerism
and access to healthcare products
and services are universal needs.

Liquidity Solutions

Cascade365 is a family of companies that provide accounts receivable liquidity solutions to the consumer finance and healthcare industries.  Cascade365’s suite of products and services include AR purchase and finance, master servicing and third party collections, and revenue cycle optimization.  The Cascade365 Family of Companies believes in promoting financial accountability while treating consumers and patients in a fair, dignified, and lawful manner.

To learn more about Cascade365’s specialty finance offerings or to receive a no-obligation, cost-free valuation of your non-performing accounts receivable, please contact Cascade365 today.

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See what our customers are saying about us!

We have been placing accounts with Cascade for over four years and have been extremely satisfied with the results.  Cascade has a network of collection agencies.  They initially place our accounts with an agency that is the best fit.  As the accounts age, Cascade strategically moves them to other agencies to ensure recoveries are maximized and the accounts always have a fresh work effort.  The Cascade team is easy to do business with and they treat our customers with care and professionalism.”

Director of Operations, Consumer Lender

“My company has sold AR to Cascade for 6+ years.  Cascade stands apart from its competitors.  The Cascade team is professional, responsive, efficient and easy to work with.  Patients and guarantors are treated with empathy and respect resulting in fewer complaints and account level issues.  I would recommend Cascade to any healthcare system that wants to sell or borrow against their AR.”

Revenue Cycle Executive, EM/HM Staffing and Management Services

“Cascade365 has been a valuable partner for over two years and we appreciate their consultative approach to our revenue needs as well as the compliant manner in which they collect the accounts we have sold to them. The ongoing revenue stream for our aged bad debt has provided a significant boost to the back end of our collection life cycle.”

Revenue Cycle Executive, EM/HM Staffing and Management Services

“We have had great success with Cascade. The sales and contracting process was very collaborative, and Cascade’s pricing has been in line with our needs.  The process of exchanging data and working with our billing companies was the most seamless I’ve ever experienced, and we have been extremely impressed with their post-sales support team who are responsive, and very sensitive to our patients. Cascade has earned our trust, confidence, and our continued business.”

Revenue Cycle Executive, EM/HM Staffing and Management Services

My firm recently listed AR for sale in a competitive bid format.  While very close, Cascade wasn’t the top bid.  They did, however, win the deal.  Cascade’s honest, hardworking and consultative approach to doing business helped me better understand the upside and potential pitfalls of selling AR.  While I couldn’t stomach their competitor’s contract or negotiation tactics, Cascade worked countless hours to help me achieve a solution that was in the best interests of my company.”

General Counsel, ER Staffing

Meet Our Leadership Team

The Cascade365 Family of Companies’ greatest feature is its people. We come from all walks of life and possess a cumulative 100+ years of experience in specialty finance, AR purchase, collections, and revenue cycle management. We rally around the Cascade365 Credo and Mission Statement, striving to provide value to our clients while working with customers to resolve outstanding obligations.

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Committed to Compliance

The Cascade365 Family of Companies maintain a culture and discipline of following the designated laws and regulations.

  • Actively maintaining Standard Operating Procedures
  • Staying abreast of changes in law via ndustry and third party notification services
  • Training, testing and monitoring team members
  • Vetting prospective vendors via a rigorous RFI process
  • Auditing active vendors on a quarterly and annual basis
  • Holding regular compliance meetings between the appointed teams and management
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  • Pursuing ongoing education
  • Investing in IT and data security
  • Complaint tracking and resolution
  • Consumer lawsuit tracking and resolution


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