Working with a Texas debt collection agency like Cascade365, you enable your organization to collect more of the debt owed to you with less work and frustration.

If your organization is struggling to collect on debt, it’s costing you time and limiting the growth of your organization.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals can help. With comprehensive services in debt collection in Texas, our team is confident we can help improve your outcome.

What Does a Texas Debt Collector Do?

A debt collector’s job is to help businesses collect on past due account receivables.

If your organization allows customers or clients to purchase products or services on credit or invoices for services provided after providing them, a debt collector can help ensure you receive payment for those services that have gone unpaid.

It is quite common for people to fail to make payment on their invoices in a timely manner. Every time these invoices go unpaid, it costs your organization money and time, causing financial strain and cash flow problems.

Our job as a Texas collection agency is to help your organization to collect on those delinquent debts.

That means we contact and work with your clients and customers to get them caught up on payments. We do this by providing compassionate collections for your organization.

That means that we listen to your customers and work to meet their needs as much as possible. We do not use unethical high-pressure tactics or deceptive methods to collect on debt. This helps to maintain your good relationship with your customers and clients going forward.

Our ethical team of professionals and debt collectors works hard to meet your expectations and manage client relationships. You can trust us to help you maintain your brand image even as we work to ensure your debts are collected on time.

Texas Medical Collection Agency

As a Texas medical collection agency, we understand business in Texas. We provide one-on-one service to help organizations establish collections services and work with all types of medical providers. That includes doctors, hospitals, ambulance services, and many others.

Our goal is to help ensure that you receive payment for the debts owed.

Taking collection action in Texas for medical debt can be a challenging process. By working with a debt collection company, we can work with your patients to ensure they receive proper care and attention for their debts in a fair and compassionate manner.

At the same time, you maintain your relationship with them. The result is that you may be able to continue to provide them with care and bill their health insurance company as appropriate. We’ll work on collecting the rest of the debts.

Our Texas medical collection agency offers competitive services and outstanding reliability. Even if you are unsure if this is the right decision for your organization right now, we can help guide you.

We work with medical providers throughout the state including in Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas, and other cities in the state. We work with most types of medical providers to offer fair and comprehensive service – we are respectful to your patients and dedicated to achieving your best outcome.

How Long Can I Collect On Debt in Texas?

In Texas, the statute of limitations on a debt is four years. That means you won’t be able to file a debt collection lawsuit for the debt after that.

A person has a specified length of time under Texas debt collection law to file a lawsuit for an unpaid debt. This time period is often known as the statute of limitations. The debt collection statute of limitations in Texas is usually calculated from the last payment, or first default, on the debt.

Once the statute of limitations period has expired, a debt collector is barred from suing to recover the debt. This is known as time-barred debt. This signifies that the debt has passed the statute of limitations.

Your Best Texas Debt Collection Resource

What makes us the best collection agency in Texas? As commercial debt collectors, we strive to provide you with exceptional service. We understand the unique aspects of debt collection in Texas and work within the letter of the law to ensure that you consistently have access to the funds your organization needs.

We’ve worked with businesses in a wide variety of sectors that need to collect on consumer debt. Our Texas debt collection agency collects your money in a professional and ethical way, supporting your business throughout the process.

Your Best Texas Collection Agency

We work with clients in most Texas cities. That includes Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, and many others. Reach out to us today if you need one-on-one support or you are ready to stop struggling with nonpayment on your accounts. Debt collection in Texas has never been easier to manage than with our dedicated professionals.



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See what our customers are saying about us!

We have been placing accounts with Cascade for over four years and have been extremely satisfied with the results.  Cascade has a network of collection agencies.  They initially place our accounts with an agency that is the best fit.  As the accounts age, Cascade strategically moves them to other agencies to ensure recoveries are maximized and the accounts always have a fresh work effort.  The Cascade team is easy to do business with and they treat our customers with care and professionalism.”

Director of Operations, Consumer Lender

“My company has sold AR to Cascade for 6+ years.  Cascade stands apart from its competitors.  The Cascade team is professional, responsive, efficient and easy to work with.  Patients and guarantors are treated with empathy and respect resulting in fewer complaints and account level issues.  I would recommend Cascade to any healthcare system that wants to sell or borrow against their AR.”

Revenue Cycle Executive, EM/HM Staffing and Management Services

“Cascade365 has been a valuable partner for over two years and we appreciate their consultative approach to our revenue needs as well as the compliant manner in which they collect the accounts we have sold to them. The ongoing revenue stream for our aged bad debt has provided a significant boost to the back end of our collection life cycle.”

Revenue Cycle Executive, EM/HM Staffing and Management Services

“We have had great success with Cascade. The sales and contracting process was very collaborative, and Cascade’s pricing has been in line with our needs.  The process of exchanging data and working with our billing companies was the most seamless I’ve ever experienced, and we have been extremely impressed with their post-sales support team who are responsive, and very sensitive to our patients. Cascade has earned our trust, confidence, and our continued business.”

Revenue Cycle Executive, EM/HM Staffing and Management Services

My firm recently listed AR for sale in a competitive bid format.  While very close, Cascade wasn’t the top bid.  They did, however, win the deal.  Cascade’s honest, hardworking and consultative approach to doing business helped me better understand the upside and potential pitfalls of selling AR.  While I couldn’t stomach their competitor’s contract or negotiation tactics, Cascade worked countless hours to help me achieve a solution that was in the best interests of my company.”

General Counsel, ER Staffing