Lee Brockett

Lee Brockett

Through Cascade Receivables Management and its sister company, Cascade Capital, The Cascade365 Family of Companies provide specialty financial liquidity solutions, third-party collections, and RCM consulting services to healthcare companies across the U.S. Cascade365 is family-owned and operated. The nine-year old company is based in in Petaluma, CA with a satellite office in Scottsdale, AZ and remote employees in Los Angeles, Baltimore and Columbus. For more information about Cascade365, please click here.

Excerpts from a conversation with Lee Brockett, Managing Director, J.D.

Lee Brockett is the Managing Director and owner of The Cascade365 Family of Companies. Cascade365 is a family of companies that provide accounts receivable liquidity solutions to the healthcare industry.  Cascade365’s suite of products and services include AR purchase and finance, master servicing and third-party collections, and revenue cycle optimization.  The Cascade365 Family of Companies believes in promoting financial accountability while treating patients in a fair, dignified, and lawful manner.  Lee has over 15 years of experience in the accounts receivables management, specialty finance, technology, and fund management industries. Cascade is heavily invested in technology and has developed and administers a proprietary vendor portal to enable greater efficiencies in performance and compliance oversight. The portal encompasses complaint tracking and resolution, lawsuit tracking and resolution, maintenance of licenses and legal documents, a document management and delivery system, exception reporting and transaction processing.

Mr. Brockett decided to join EDPMA as more than one client encouraged him to take a look at the association. Lee said that he “always wants to align the mission of his organization to advance his clients’ needs.” Lee understands the value of staying up-to-date on issues that matter to his clients. He believes that the firm can act as a central resource to his clients. He views EDPMA’s extensive information capabilities (monthly newsletters, weekly ED updates, advocacy alerts and more), as a cost-effective and efficient means of staying informed and up-to-date on the latest challenges in emergency medicine. He also values the educational opportunities including the Workshops, Webinars, and Toolkits.

Mr. Brockett recognizes that in the healthcare field, the changes are continuing and even accelerating. There are challenges in insurance coverage and the duties and requirements of emergency physicians. He notes there is an increasing percentage of patients who are responsible for their own payments (rather than a third party) and this is adding new challenges to the industry.

The Cascade365 Family of Companies has become a Corporate Silver Sponsorship to provide year-round support of EDPMA and its mission. He is looking forward to attending the next Solutions Summit (April 29-May 2) in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Lee also joined the Membership Committee.