There may be perfectly legitimate reasons why the name of a creditor is unfamiliar. It is possible that this is a red flag, so it is important to take a couple steps to make sure the debt notice is not fraud.

First off, the origin of the debt could be a credit card from a retail store. If this is the case consider that these retailers are often underwritten by large banks, and not by the brand you originally worked with. To verify the debt collection notice, compare it to the monthly statement of the credit card and see if the bank names match.

There are other reasons why you may not recognize the creditor named on the debt collection notice, such as if the original creditor sold your account to a third party. Online crowdsourced and fintech loans are commonly sold in this fashion.  Medical providers also increasingly may sell your account to a third party.

Cascade365 partners with creditors and medical providers to purchase accounts and continue the resolution of those accounts in the collections process through a legitimate and compliant way that works with consumers to resolve their debt.