Backyard BBQ’s, 4th of July fireworks, and vacations with family.  All come to mind when thinking of July, the crown jewel of the summer months.  While Team Cascade365 fully participates in the revelries, we also take advantage of the summer doldrums, using the “quiet time” to strategize and revamp.  July kicks off Cascade365’s annual review of SOP’s, work processes, and procedures.  Our annual “fun day” is followed by a 2-day executive retreat where we perform a SWOT analysis, plan for growth, and identify best practices that have yet to be implemented.  I hope that everyone had an awesome July, that you found time to relax and to plot course, and set personal and business goals, for the future.


Denise Tobin

I have been with Cascade for 15 months, and I’m the National Director of Sales.

I have three sons, my oldest Tyler just married a lovely gal named Hayley. My son Wyatt just got engaged to the lovely Haley and has a wonderful family with her two sweet little ones. My other son Myles (who is not dating a Hailey, yet) lives with me. Or shall I say I live with him and our two chihuahua dogs, Dave and Champ.


I just returned from my first trip to England and had the time of my life. I especially loved the Cotswold countryside. I enjoyed delicious food and enjoyed all the sightseeing. I had backstage passes to see Hollywood Vampires and was able to meet Johnny Depp, Joe Perry, Alice Cooper, and Tommy Henriksen. It was a blast. I also went to a proper tea service at Fortnum & Mason and enjoyed lots of pastry shops, including the one in the picture that served pink hot chocolate. It was a bit hairy crossing the street since my brain is trained to look left then right. As you can see by my collage of almost being SPLATTERED. It was a learning experience for me.


Aside from traveling, my favorite family fun times are in the summer, enjoying cookouts and beach days. My family loves to go to the county fair together every year, as well as blueberry picking followed by a day of baking all of our favorite blueberry concoctions. Mine is blueberry cake – for sure. This summer I hosted an engagement party for my son Wyatt and his fiancé. We had so much fun celebrating together. Soon it will be time for the county fair, 4-h exhibits, carnival, good eats, and the smash-up derby. You can find us all there!


Tempe Office Team

The Cascade365 Tempe Call Center recently held their “Summer Fun Day.” It was a day which included lunch and games at Dave & Busters as well as a Scavenger Hunt where the office was split into four teams. Congratulations to Team Orange of Mary Sand, Lisa Wilson, Victor Christenson, Chapley Garner, Jessica Robles, and Jeremy Carr for earning the victory in the hunt!


Jayla’s Daughter MJ at the AAU Basketball Tourney

In a follow-up to a Pulse article from a few months ago regarding Cascade365 Compliance Analyst, Jayla James and the balance she maintains with raising both a daughter as well as a star athlete; Cascade365 Director of National Sales, Jeff Howell had the opportunity to see the “star athlete” at a prestigious AAU Basketball Tournament in Hamilton, OH recently.  MJ plays for Arizona Elite one of the top AAU programs in the country, and with Jayla and MJ so close to Jeff in Columbus, it was a no brainer for him to drive a couple of hours to see several games.  Said Jeff, “ it was a delight to hang out with Jayla and MJ, be a coach and cheerleader from the stands, and spend some quality time with both over lunch.  MJ’s on court talent and off court high maturity level as an entering HS Freshman is off the charts, and her future is extremely bright. Kudos to Jayla for setting the foundation and raising a phenomenal daughter.”

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