Cascade365 Pulse – May 2022

  The healthcare sector is unfortunately facing a fair share of adversity and one-sided rulemaking at the state and federal level. One of the results is devaluation of assets and degradation of property rights. In this month's newsletter, Cascade365's General Counsel, Shaun Ertischek, details some of these policy changes as they relate to healthcare debt [...]

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Cascade365: “Thriving in a Highly Regulated Environment”

By: Shaun Ertischek, Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel Medical debt collection has become a trending topic among state legislatures and federal regulators alike.  New legislation and regulations are systematically eroding asset value for healthcare providers.  In the past year, we have seen California, Maryland, Nevada, and New Mexico enact new laws.  Colorado and New [...]

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The Cascade365 Family of Companies has completed all requirements to become SOC 2 Compliant

PETALUMA, Calif. -- The Cascade365 Family of Companies is pleased to announce the completion of all SOC 2 audit requirements and the attainment of the standard for service organizations, developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), which specifies how organizations should manage and safeguard customer data. What is a System and Organization Controls (SOC) Audit? [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse – April 2022

April began a very busy and fun stretch for Cascade365. We have been in full swing with several healthcare and consumer finance conferences; our new General Counsel has hit the ground running; finally, the team roster got even deeper with the addition of new Director of National Sales, Denise Tobin. You will learn more about [...]

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New Director of Business Development

Denise Tobin, Director of Business Development at The Cascade365 Family of Companies   PETALUMA, Calif. -- The Cascade365 Family of Companies is excited to announce that Denise Tobin has joined the team as Director of Business Development. In this role, Ms. Tobin will develop strategic business partnerships within the Healthcare Industry for Cascade365 related to AR Purchase [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse – March 2022

      Spring has sprung! Spring is seen as a time of renewal, growth and the birth of new life. For Cascade365, Spring 2022 is chock full of opportunities and strategic growth.   One exciting example is the addition of Shaun Ertischek to Team Cascade365. Shaun rounds out the executive team as Cascade365’s in-house [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse – February 2022

      I recently participated in a seminar focused on AI and its ever-increasing role in receivables management, revenue cycle and specialty finance. While I’m excited for, and very proud of, Cascade365’s advances in statistical modeling, big data analytics and visualization, the topic also prompts the question: “What’s the ideal divide between machine learning [...]

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RMAi 25th Annual Conference, Las Vegas, February 2022

Cascade 365 is excited to be attending the 2022 RMAi 25th Annual Conference from February 7th-10th in Las Vegas, NV. 2022 RMAi 25th Annual Conference February 7th-10th 2022 Las Vegas, NV   About Cascade 365 Converting your non-performing patient responsible bad debt into immediate cash is a positive solution for your needs where we pay [...]

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Charitable Contributions

  Humbled By The Company We Keep Cascade365 is proud to have supported the following nonprofits in 2021.  Each organization’s important mission aligns with the core values of the Cascade365 Team. Ascension St. Vincent Foundation Cascade365 donated to St. Vincent Foundation to assist them in supporting the community programs that target the poor and vulnerable. Founded [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse – January 2022

  At the start of a new year, I reflect on what a crazy ride 2021 was, along with its even crazier predecessor, 2020. My thoughts and prayers go out to those seriously impacted by COVID-19; the families that lost loved ones, medical providers that worked endless hours, small business owners that went bankrupt and [...]

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