Cascade365 Pulse – Monthly Newsletter – August 2023

    I was recently blessed with the opportunity to serve on a medical mission trip to Honduras. HNI Charities and Honduras Good Works sponsored the trip and allowed me to tag along.   The mission sent doctors, nurses, dentists, pharmacists and a handful of laymen, such as myself, to remote parts of Honduras, providing healthcare [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse – Monthly Newsletter – July 2023

  Backyard BBQ’s, 4th of July fireworks, and vacations with family.  All come to mind when thinking of July, the crown jewel of the summer months.  While Team Cascade365 fully participates in the revelries, we also take advantage of the summer doldrums, using the “quiet time” to strategize and revamp.  July kicks off Cascade365’s annual [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse – Monthly Newsletter – June 2023

As some may already be aware, Team Cascade365 recently experienced a great loss. Cascade365’s General Manager of Collections, Ray Vincioni, passed away in April. Ray was a friend, colleague, and all-around great person. His effervescent energy, positive outlook, and tenacious work effort was an example to us all at Cascade365. Ray lives on through those [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse-Monthly Newsletter- May 2023

Cascade365 congratulates the class of 2023 and wishes them the best of luck! While graduates celebrate their accomplishments and revel in the moment with friends and family, they are also anxiously awaiting the future, gearing up and planning for the next phase of their lives. At Cascade365, we hope that these young people dream big [...]

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Mary Sand, Director of Client Services at The Cascade365 Family of Companies

PETALUMA, Calif. -- The Cascade365 Family of Companies is excited to announce that Mary Sand has joined the team as Director of Client Services. Mrs. Sand will lead the continued growth of the Cascade365 Client Services team, further enhancing and building upon Cascade365’s strong tradition of providing its clients with best-in-class support. Mrs. Sand joins [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse-Monthly Newsletter- April 2023

In growing Cascade365, I’ve always been focused on culture.  How do we create a work environment that is safe, productive, fun and recognizes team members not only for their accomplishments on the job but also as human beings (dad, mom, coach, etc.)?  How do we encourage positivity, a sense of humor, patience, and empathy?  One [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse-Monthly Newsletter- March 2023

While Northern California experiences yet another deluge of rain, I hope everyone is enjoying the change in season and that Spring has sprung for you. The time of year and observing Cascade365’s 15th anniversary has me focused on new beginnings. We started in a small office on California St. in the heart of San Francisco’s financial [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse-Monthly Newsletter-February 2023

The financial crisis of 2008 was steeped in uncertainty and strife. In this maelstrom, however, opportunity and entrepreneurism led me to found Cascade365. I had a young family and was recently out of a job, pondering next steps after selling my previous company, Glass Mountain Capital, LLC.  I decided to stay in the business of [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse-Monthly Newsletter-December 2022

Happy Holidays from Team Cascade365! I hope that you can look back on 2022 and measure your accomplishments in terms of both business and personal gains. I further wish that you have a holiday season full of merriment and time spent with family and friends. If you are alone or, for whatever reason, this time [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse-Monthly Newsletter-November 2022

Team Cascade365 has many reasons to be grateful. We thank our clients, partners, and the myriad of companies and people that we share synergies and common purposes with. We also recognize our family and friends that help support us in delivering best-in-class ARM solutions to the healthcare and consumer lending industries. We wish everyone a [...]

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