Cascade365 Pulse-Monthly Newsletter-November 2022

Team Cascade365 has many reasons to be grateful. We thank our clients, partners, and the myriad of companies and people that we share synergies and common purposes with. We also recognize our family and friends that help support us in delivering best-in-class ARM solutions to the healthcare and consumer lending industries. We wish everyone a [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse-Monthly Newsletter-October 2022

For those that celebrate, I hope you had a Happy Halloween! Personally, it’s one of my favorite holidays. Carving jack o’ lanterns, roasting the pumpkin seeds for a salty snack, seeing the kids dressed up, and then pillaging their candy reserves while they sleep; what could be better!? At Cascade365, we celebrate with an annual [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse-Monthly Newsletter-September 2022

When I think about successful teamwork, the first thing that comes to mind is sports. From my beloved 1989 San Francisco 49ers, a team stacked with offensive leaders, to the UCLA Bruins men’s basketball dynasty led by Coach John Wooden. Productive teams have something in common:  they strive to achieve a common goal by working [...]

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Cascade Inner Circle

I am proud to say that compliance continues to be front and center for the Cascade365 Family of Companies. The compliance department recently expanded and welcomed Jayla James as its newest member. She joins the team with a wealth of experience in training, quality assurance, audit, and remediation. She will be instrumental in helping the [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse–Monthly Newsletter-August 2022

The end of summer transition to fall is one of my favorite times of year. Cool nights, the excitement of back to school, football season and, in my neck of the woods, the smell of freshly cut hay that fragrantly wafts through the air. It’s also time to plan for the fall and winter months [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse – June 2022

I hope that this year’s Independence Day finds you surrounded by friends and family, celebrating the foundation of our great nation — freedom. Instead of listening to distractions and influences that create division, the American people can take the opportunity offered by the 4th of July holiday to focus on, and to celebrate, our unity as [...]

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New Perspectives. Ambitious Strategies. Shaun Ertischek

Shaun Ertischek for the ACA Board of Directors   EXPERIENCED I have worked in the accounts receivable management industry for over 17 years serving as executive-level general counsel to collection agencies, debt buyers, and network management companies. I am very passionate about this industry and have been involved with ACA International my whole career.   [...]

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Welcome Denise Tobin to Cascade 365

Storytelling comes naturally to Denise Tobin. When you meet her, it’s easy to be pulled into her personable kindness. She truly shines in her interpersonal relationships and situations, which is why she is a vital part of the Cascade team. When she is not contributing to the business development team or helping to structure innovative [...]

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Cascade365 Pulse – May 2022

  The healthcare sector is unfortunately facing a fair share of adversity and one-sided rulemaking at the state and federal level. One of the results is devaluation of assets and degradation of property rights. In this month's newsletter, Cascade365's General Counsel, Shaun Ertischek, details some of these policy changes as they relate to healthcare debt [...]

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