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I am proud to say that compliance continues to be front and center for the Cascade365 Family of Companies. The compliance department recently expanded and welcomed Jayla James as its newest member. She joins the team with a wealth of experience in training, quality assurance, audit, and remediation. She will be instrumental in helping the company manage risk in these areas and ensuring best-in-class compliance.

The compliance department also continues its focus on call monitoring and auditing with further development and usage of industry-leading speech analytics software. Reliance on speech analytics allows us to review a large volume of calls while identifying issues with a high degree of certainty. Calls are flagged and segmented, which helps us to determine which calls require a manual review. As such, we can listen to all calls that may raise a concern requiring remediation rather than just a random sampling.

kindsystem | Cascade365Additionally, Kind Systems™ – our proprietary in-house compliance software – allows the company to effectively monitor and track licenses and complaints both internally and across its outsourced agency and law firm vendors. Cascade’s supplier oversight program is a critical component of its compliance management, and we continue to make enhancements to further strengthen this area.

It is easy to see that Cascade has put the resources and personnel into establishing and building out a strong compliance management system. Its staff and technology are critical components that allow us to lead that charge. Cascade always keeps compliance at the forefront because it allows us to ensure the proper handling and collection of accounts for consumers and patients.

Shaun Ertischek, Esq.
Chief Compliance Officer & General Counsel

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