One of Cascade365’s favorite holiday traditions is giving time and money to the causes we support, those less fortunate than ourselves, and the communities in which we live. While it’s always fun to receive gifts, getting “stuff” often triggers the “quick hit” pleasure button, like a shopping spree when you’re feeling down or making an impulse buy late at night online. The emotional lift of receiving a gift is transitory. The spark quickly wanes and leaves you thinking about the next purchase or what you want in next year’s Christmas stocking.

Gifting and philanthropic activities also trigger a dopamine release, but the positive effects are more lasting. Giving requires planning and thoughtfulness of what to gift to whom or which causes to support. The gratification of watching a loved one open a present or knowing that your contribution to a good cause has made a real difference feels amazing and is good for the soul.

Happy Gifting (and Holidays) from Team Cascade365!


Joyce Manriquez
Accounts Payable Clerk

I am Joyce Manriquez and I am the Accounts Payable Clerk for Cascade365 and I have been with the organization for 8 years. One of my responsibilities is paying invoices on a timely matter, depositing checks, posting payments as well as other duties. I have over 35 years of experience in the AP field. I am so grateful to our CEO, Lee Brockett for giving me the opportunity to work at such a wonderful company and truly showing how he cares for his employees. I also thank my accounting team and the Cascade 365 team for each of their roles helping me to be able to do my job at 100%.

Back in December 2014, my 2 brothers lovingly drove to San Antonio, TX to help move me to Northern CA. I now reside in San Rafael. I have one daughter Taylor; I gave birth to her when I was 30 and NOW my baby gave birth to her baby 1 month shy of being 30. I was able to go back to San Antonio in February of this year for the birth of my granddaughter who fluctuated 4-5 pounds, Inara Jade. My daughter and son-in-law are just over the moon and Inara has her Daddy’s green eyes. I am a Jehovah’s Witness and serve as a Regular Pioneer, encouraging Bible reading. I’ve learned French and now must brush up on my Spanish. I love walking, spending time with my family and friends, am a huge dog lover, spending time outdoors to marvel on God’s beautiful creation and meditate on his love for people. I also enjoy reading AND as much as I don’t like to cook, I can now say how much I have improved (Sundays are my days to cook for the family) and when I look up recipes it never looks like the picture, but boy does it taste good. I hope to be able to visit Jehovah’s Witness branch offices in NY and Canada in 2024.

This month, we are proud to highlight all the different ways our team is giving and serving this holiday season. From the office and around the world our amazing team is lending a hand to the people and communities around them.

Thanksgiving at Covenant House

As we prepared to celebrate Thanksgiving, we remembered that many people face food insecurity and might not know where their next meal will come from. Since we strive to take actions to help improve the world around us, we volunteered with Repair the World (Atlanta) to prepare and serve dinner to shelter youth at Covenant House on November 19.

– Shaun Ertischek

Petaluma Office Family Santa Letter & Angel Tree

“Your Greatness is not what you have, Its what you give.”

Tis the season for Cascade365 to give back.

Chan, Reyna, and Tara load presents as part of the Petaluma office annual Family Santa letter and Angel tree fulfill wishes.

Tempe Office Forgotten Angels Rescue

Barbara from the Tempe Office coordinated a donation box in the office for Forgotten Angels Dog & Cat Rescue. Thank you for all of the donations to this great organization!

Medical Mission Trip 2023

HNI Charities & Honduras Good Works

Earlier this year, Lee and his daughter traveled to Honduras for a great cause with HNI Charities and Honduras Good Works.

Watch the video below and see the amazing work being done in Honduras.

Cascade365 Community Involvement

The Cascade365 office participates in the local Secret Santa program to help community members in need during the holiday season and generously adopts two families. Team members volunteer to choose a heart and pay for the gift (on their own dime) to fulfill wishes. The team works together to purchase and wrap gifts for the families and drops them off to the organization to give to the community members.

Sonoma County’s Secret Santa is a nonprofit gift-giving program, providing gifts and holiday cheer to those less fortunate in our community. Secret Santa has been bringing joy to people throughout Sonoma County for over 31 years, ensuring that children, teens, adults, and seniors who would not otherwise receive a holiday gift have reason to celebrate and experience the compassion and generosity of their community.