If you read any of Cascade365’s newsletters in 2023, make this the one! A handful of team members put pen to paper, writing about what makes them thankful. I know that I enjoyed reading the excerpts and hope you do as well.

Expressing gratefulness is such a simple act but, in today’s complicated world rife with division, hate and fear, focusing on the proverbial “glass half full” is powerful. “I am thankful for” doesn’t leave room for negativity, “buts”, or “what ifs”. It’s unconditional, simple and, pushes through the distractions that hurtle our way in high velocity, 24/7. Best of all, the process forces us to focus on what we, as humans, share in common. People from all different walks of life and belief systems are grateful for many of the same things.

I am thankful for my family and friends, Team Cascade365, and last but not least, the clients that we’ve achieved true synergy with.



Jeff Howell
Director of National Sales

I am Jeff Howell and I’m the Director of National Sales for Cascade365 Liquidity Solutions. My role with the organization is to gain new partnerships and build upon existing relationships to cultivate growth internally and add value with revenue streams to the healthcare and consumer finance marketplace. I have been employed with Cascade365 for over 7 years and I can truthfully say that my time here has been nothing short of amazing. It starts with the positive culture that our CEO has worked hard to project to the entire organization, and it filters throughout each department and team member which in the end translates to success. A big reason why Cascade365 is successful is because of our people, culture, transparency and flexibility. “High Fives” all around to every single person within our company!

Outside of work, this year has been eventful. There are four things that I would like to briefly share:

  • Coaching
  • Book
  • Hawaii
  • Grandson

After 9 years, I made a tough decision that the 2022-23
would be my final year as the Head Coach of the Madison Christian High School
Varsity Girls Basketball Team. I felt that it was time and the rigors of
practice and game planning, scouting, service projects, offseason work and so
many other things required to have a successful program had become a bit tiresome. I miss the girls, parents, and the school family where I coached, but I do not miss the “grind.” However, I could not have finished my final season on a better note. We achieved the most wins in school history (17); I was voted Conference Coach of the Year as well as District Coach of the Year; and I had several team members selected for the All-League Team. It was an extremely emotional season, but the best season of my career.

So, what are my plans after coaching? Well, I still have a day job and I am sure
that you will see me around the country in a city and state near you throughout
2024 sharing the Cascade365 story, but I am also planning on writing a book. The book will be called “A Players Program: The Playbook.” It will not be an X’s and O’s book related to on court offensive and defensive strategies; it will be a book on how I built a largely unsuccessful basketball program into a successful program where I instituted a culture change, player and parent involvement, brought in outside influences such as a sports psychologist, leadership speakers, nutritionist, speed and agility trainers and more. It’s a book that centers on creating successful relationships and it could help any coach in any sport whether they are new to coaching or a veteran coach. I want to share my story, my thought process and the instincts that worked for me. If a coach or future coach captures one single element from this book to use for themselves, then I am winning! I have drafted eight chapters so far and expecting to have about 15 chapters overall.

My wife and I visited Hawaii (Maui) for the first time this past July to celebrate our 33rd Wedding Anniversary. Amazing is not a strong enough word to
describe our time there. From the beautiful resort we stayed at with multiple pools and amenities, to all the excellent food (go to Mama’s Fish House), perfect weather, and the relaxing ocean surrounding us, it was tough to leave and come back home to Ohio. Although we stayed in Wailea, we did visit Lahaina where a month after we left horrible wildfires gutted through that area. The fires were honestly a punch in the gut for me because we saw how beautiful that area was and the many nice shops that were up and down Front Street. To see that area burned to ash after we left was very difficult for us.

Finally, I am a “Poppy” as Elliott Jeffery Echols was born. EJ along with his Mom and Dad live in Durham, NC and we try to visit as much as we can. Being a grandparent is cool because you can spoil them, have fun all the time, never get mad at them and when they do act up just give them back to Mom and Dad. Again, I am winning!

I am beyond thankful for each of my families: The Howell Family, my Madison Christian High School Family, and my Cascade365 Family. I do not take anything for granted because I know that tomorrow is not promised; however, I do know and firmly believe that the “Best Is Still Yet To Come.”

What Are You Thankful For?

November is the month for Thanksgiving, and we asked a few Cascade365 staff members to reflect and share what they are thankful for.

Jayla James – Compliance Analyst

I am thankful for the wind that circulates through my lungs supplying oxygen to various parts of my body.

With this – – – I take breaths of gratitude for all things.

Not just the car that I drive or the job to which I drive it.

Not just the child that I parent or the dog that I spoil with snuggles.

I take deep breaths of gratitude for all interactions and opportunities to spread positive energy.

I am thankful for the beings I experienced for what seemed like a moment of time.

I am thankful for those whom I presently cultivate and fellowship with.

I am thankful for the opportunity to simply be thankful.

Mathew Janicek – Operations Assistant

I’m super thankful for my family, but if I pick something else, I also feel thankful for my coworkers for always having a fun and creative dialogue at work. I’ve got to thank Google for helping to solve our disputes. I also want to say that I’m also thankful for my neighbor at home. We only chit chat when we run into each other, but whenever we do it always turns into good conversation and catching up on things. It’s great to have a neighbor like her.

Tara Foster – Accounting AR Specialist II

It’s the little things that Count!

Aside of Being Thankful for Family and Loved ones, I am thankful for Time, allowing me to experience life, because life is to short, and tomorrow is never promised.

Landen Means – Portfolio Analyst

Alongside friends and family, I am incredibly thankful for sports. I went to Germany in May 2023 with my family to watch my favorite soccer team, Borussia Dortmund, play in the final match of the season. If they won the match, they would be crowned champions of Germany. Obviously, I really wanted them to win. Unfortunately, they did not. Despite being in the nosebleeds of the Westfalenstadion and the poor outcome, being able to experience the atmosphere of one of the most electric fanbases in all of Europe with my family is a moment I will never forget, and I thank sports for that. I do not like sports because of the outcome or matchups; I like sports because of the bond I get to share with friends, family, and coworkers that I will never take for granted.

Liz Thorpe – Collections Supervisor

I am very thankful for this wonderful opportunity to be the Collection Supervisor for Cascade365. I am thankful to my Team and everyone else who has been welcoming and supportive.

Chan Phengaroune – Accounting Manager

I am thankful for the opportunity my family was given when we left our native country of Laos and came to The United States.

Robbie Myers – Compliance Assistant

I am always thankful for my close family for always being there through the good and bad times. I am thankful to be employed at a great company that treats all employees fairly and well.

Daniel Rojas – Operations Specialist

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of an organization that is a true to their mission statement, which is to unite, inspire, educate, and entertain. I joined the baritone section of the Phenix Gay Men’s Chorus a little over a year ago and have had a blast practicing for and performing in our shows these past three seasons. I’m excited for our upcoming winter holiday themed show at the Herberger theater in downtown Phoenix the 3rd weekend in December.

Tempe & Petaluma Office Potluck

Here are some great pics of our team from both our Tempe and Petaluma offices as they celebrated Thanksgiving with food and fellowship. We are so thankful for our team!

Halloween Rewind

The Cascade365 team had fun over Halloween dressing up at work.

Pictured above is Joshua as Itachi Uchiha from Naruto; Talesha as a school girl; Daniel as Taylor Swift; Barbara as Barbie; Maricella as a witch; Elizabeth as a hippy; Jeremy as Peter Pan; Shaun and his wife Ela as Batman and Wonder Woman with their pup Max.

Congrats to Daniel who won the award for best costume from the Tempe, AZ office and Jeremy from the Missouri office!