Happy Halloween! It can be a scary world out there with all kinds of creepy crawlies and things that go bump in the night. For healthcare systems and consumer lenders, illiquid receivables might be the skeleton in your closet or the monster under your bed.  Who you gonna call!?  We hope it’s your client-pleasing and consumer-patient-friendly AR-busting team at Cascade365!


Shannon David

Yá’át’ééh shik’éí dóó shidine’é (Greetings to my family and friends).
Shí éí Shannon David yinishyé (My name is Shannon David).
Tótsohnii nishłį́ (I am of the Big Water Clan),
Tábąąhá bashishchiin (born for the Water’s Edge Clan),
Naaneeshtʼézhi Táchiiʼnii dashicheii (My maternal grandfather is of the Charcoal-streaked-division-of-the-red-running-into-water-Clan),
dóó Honágháahnii dashinalí (and my paternal grandfather is of the One-walks-around Clan).
Ákót’éego diné asdzáán nishłį́ (In this way, I am a Navajo woman).
Ahéhee (Thank you).


I’ve been with Cascade365 for 5+ years and started my career here as an Operations Assistant. I have since worked my way up to Operations Manager and now manage the day-to-day operations ranging from agency reporting & communications to inventory reconciliations and placements. Cascade365 is the first place where I have worked in the accounts receivables industry, so I’m extremely grateful for the team here that gave me the tools and knowledge to be successful. They’ve certainly made me feel empowered to continue my career path to grow with Cascade365 as we grow Cascade365. 


Outside of work, I love to stay with family in Northern Arizona on the Navajo Reservation where we tend to our cattle, horses, sheep, dogs and cats. My sister and I are usually the family geniuses and try to get my mom, dad, brother-in-law and nephew to travel with us to new places far and near. We love to drive and explore places we’ve never been; our goal is to visit as many National Parks and Monuments as possible to show my Nephew how fun nature can be. When I’m not with my family, you’ll find me with my friends who also love to explore. We usually take trips throughout the year to go fishing, hiking or visit Las Vegas.

During the fall season my family and I usually brand, vaccinate and tag our cattle then move the cattle and sheep back from our summer sheep camp in the mountains to our main house. The mishaps that occur every year always become family stories we love to laugh at during Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. My friends and I also like to plan one of our hiking trips around this time of year which inevitably ends up on the first night it freezes wherever we go. This year, we decided to switch it up a bit and check out homecoming week at the University of Arizona, where we all met.

Boo to you from the Cascade365 Client Services Team!

As the crisp autumn air creeps in, it’s time to embrace the chills and thrill of Halloween. Don’t let the spooky season scare you, as Cascade365 has unmasked the secret to a spooktacular client services experience. There is no hocus pocus here, your interaction with the Client Services team will make you feel like you’re the only trick-or-treater at their door this Halloween night. As ghosts are known to be friendly, so is your Client Services team offering warm responsive customer service and post-sale support who is always present, transparent, and willing to handle any request, quickly, and accurately. At Cascade365 there are no spooky experiences, only ghostly good outcomes. Boo to you from the Cascade365 Client Services Crew.


– Mary Sand, Director of Client Services

Work Hard, Play Harder:

Cascade365 Manager’s Retreat

Department Managers of Team Cascade365 held three days of meetings this month in Petaluma, CA to strategize for 2024.  Growth requires reflection as well as a vision for the future and this was a theme for the discussions and action plans.  The days ended with food, bingo, and an amazing tour of Alcatraz Island and the famous prison facility. Managers walked away from the retreat knowing that the “best is yet to come” for Cascade365.

The Cascade365 Family of Companies is a brand identity representing a family of companies focused on the responsible liquidation of accounts receivable. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cascade365 is a recognized leader in the accounts receivable management, revenue cycle, and specialty finance industries. Cascade365 offers healthcare providers and consumer lenders immediate and ongoing liquidity by purchasing distressed accounts receivable outright or managing them for a fee.